1ST American

American lifestyle is the basic concept of the brand but fitting is suitable for the European public.
Fashion Energy srl distributes a complete collection of sportswear for man and woman.

Dedicated to an audience of young fashion lovers, the brand produces a total look and you can find it on the main sources of e-commerce.

Cashmere 100% sweaters is the core business of the 1stAmerican wide range of garment production and distribution throughout Europe , price is unbeatable for the public.

1st American presents an informal look, characterized by comfort, fresh and elegant at the same time, that declines a vintage mood, garment dye treatments that have versatile stylistic echoes.

The 1st American collection made in Italy and partly in foreign countries, maintains an unbeatable quality-price ratio, allowing it to successfully combine the use of high quality materials and fabrics with a price level that is accessible to every type of consumer.

The team of young designers working on the collection at the company’s headquarters in Milan assure 1st American a constant fresh style philosophy.

The denim collection for men and women is the best-selling product line and it covers a very large target from the young university student to the businessman.
The 1st American’s direct sales points are always linked to the American lifestyle.