After passing the test of opening a new store, our company offers a contract based on fixed percentage from the monthly turnover of the store.

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Starting a new business on your own and becoming a successful entrepreneur is no longer a difficult matter, thanks to the entrepreneurial formula of the franchise which allows you to open a store with a low investment risk.
Joining a chain of franchised fashion stores is a very interesting opportunity to open a successful business with a low investment and risk free.


Opening a fashion store in franchising has countless advantages for those who want to start their own business as follows:
• Support for the creation of the business plan
• Low risk business
• Support in handling procedures
• Assistance in starting up the business and managing it
• Access to the formation of an already established brand
• Functional fashion franchise: a risk-free formula

Thanks to the spread of sales account formula, fashion accessory stores that belong to a franchising are among the low investment business of this type. In fact, the sales account allows you to pay the franchisor only for the goods that were sold, therefore you avoid the heavy warehouse costs.